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Organisation culture

Culture in your organisation

In all parts of our lives culture dictates the way we think about things.  This is turn impacts the way we make decisions. We are subject to many bias in the world that come from our interpretation of what we have been taught, and importantly what we have learned from our experiences.

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Fraying at the edges?

How you know and what to do when you are fraying at the edges. So my awesome resetyourorg partner said “you should write a blog on that” and I said “#&*£ no!  Please not another thing to add to my to do list!”.  Well that was a sign…

If you’re usually energizing. If you’re usually full of life. If you’re usually able to see straight through to the wood, disregarding the trees and you help others do that. If you are fraying at the edges right now, like many leaders, you may be suffering from pandemic fatigue.

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elephant in the room

Is resilience training a sticky plaster?

Is resilience training a sticky plaster? Is this the overweight elephant in the zoom training room? We design and deliver resilience training, unsurprisingly, it’s a real growth area for us, although our workshops are not just about bouncing back. We dive deeper into mindset to equip people to approach situations differently, enabling them to define problems accurately and to then act effectively to solve them.

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Productivity and working like a workaholic

Home working has many implications. Fears around a reduction in productivity and homeworking – i.e ‘slacking off’ have not been realised.  In fact are there different implications around productivity and working like a workaholic?

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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you just about everywhere.

Albert Einstein
Are your learners ready?

Are your learners ready?

Are your learners ready? For 20 plus years learning readiness has been a maddening question lingering on my mind. Are staff (of all sorts and seniority) ready to embark on a learning programme?

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Talent Development and inclusion picture

Psychological safety and why it matters.

Psychological safety and why it matters – Reset Your Org. Psychological safety is Google’s secret ingredient in their top performing teams. Not that teams can be cooked up like a gourmet dish.

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22nd Century Leadership

As a leader, what century are you in?

As a leader, what century are you in? We all naturally have different leadership styles as much as we all have different personality traits.

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