Building Resilience

Building resilience matters – more than ever

The Coronavirus has created great uncertainty and profound anxiety for many workers. It has also prompted tunnel vision in which people may, understandably focus only on the negative in the present rather than focussing on solutions within their control now and in the future. Building resilience really does matter, click here for more.

Information is often unavailable or inconsistent so people feel unsure about what they or anyone else really knows. Behavourial science points to an increased need for transparency, guidance and making sense out of what has happened at this time. Resilience levels may have dropped considerably during this prolonged spell of uncertainty and fear.

At such times the team leaders words and actions can help to keep people safe; adjust and move forward through uncertainty – recalibrating and building team resilience.

We have designed these two learning programmes to support mangers to build resilience for teams and for individuals.

To meet learning needs we have divided our on-line offering into two. A programme for managers and one for individuals. See details below. Both workshops utilise the concept of bouncing back, self regulation and the amygdala hijack. All our on-line programmes are carefully designed, with a minimum of 3 flipped classroom micro-learning sessions; follow up coaching and on-going internal learning action sets to ensure that change takes place back in the workplace.

Building team resilience
(for managers)

What managers want:

“It is so hard I wish I knew what to say to my team.”
“It’s been dire. Now I just want my people to get over it. Stop dwelling on losses”
“We’ve already lost people, I’m not in the know myself, what can I do to reassure anyone?”
“In all of this, we’ve got to work even harder to overcome these set backs.”

Learning outcomes

As a result of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Recognise the signs of burn out
  • Have empathetic and transparent powerful conversations
  • Create a ‘growth mindset’ within the team
  • Increase team engagement and productivity

Building team resilience (for managers)

Recalibrating resilience (for Individuals)

Recalibrating resilience
(for Individuals)

What managers want:

“Some people have been hit particularly  hard by this but what can I do to support them?”
“I don’t how to help my people through, I’m a manager not a psychologist”
“He used to be really on it, nowadays he gives the bare minimum…”
‘Psychologically, some in the team are really low. What can I do to help them bounce back?”

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Describe the relationship between National crisis, work pressure, stress, performance, morale and resilience
  • Outline your own default response to change
  • Describe your natural strengths and re-access them at times of need
  • Use re-framing/other tools to manage the increased risk of overwhelm
  • Take action to deal with the new demands of working life
  • Bounce back