Leadership on line

Leadership matters – more than ever

Leadership and leadership development on line matters more than ever. The Coronavirus has created a profound challenge for leaders and managers in offices around the world. Leaders can’t allow the tunnel vision that uncertainty provokes. Now is the time to strengthen the ability to innovate in teams at all levels. To think outside of unthought of restrictions, to have people focussing on solutions for now and for the future.

We support leaders, who maybe under pressure to have certainty amidst uncertainty and transparency, when nothing is known, to operate effectively following restructures and redundancies at this time. We help leaders to develop 21st century competencies, to manage change and use emotional intelligence. We teach and model equitable and inclusive practices at all points in the learning journey.

New leadership needs are unfolding. Leadership on line and leadership and management development on line is here and here to stay.

We meet these needs with a range of flexible provision; combining a versatile range of live interactive virtual workshops with coaching and action learning sets.

Talk with us

What does your organisation need:

“Support for managers to have bad news conversations.”
“Post restructuring team building.”
“Creative thinking workshops.”
“Inclusion and belonging – knowing how…”
“Team  building sessions that get our workers to speak up again.”

Learning outcomes

We will work with you to determine a leadership-on-line programme  that targets your exact learning needs at this extraordinary time.

  • Re-embed your values
  • Set direction
  • Communicate and inspire
  • Increase engagement and productivity

Leadership on line
(Standard programme)

What leaders and managers want:

“Some people have been hit particularly  hard by this but what can I do to support them?”
“There’s been so much change we’re all kind of lost”
“I don’t how to get new ideas from my team”
“My natural style has upset a few people in the past…”
‘How can I develop my on line leadership and coaching skills ?”

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Recalibrate your team using practical tools to support people
  • Outline where you are on the change curve and help others move on
  • Set inclusive and equitable processes to encourage contributions
  • Use various leadership styles in a practical and meaningful way.
  • Coach new and existing teams to enable team and individual growth