22nd Century Leadership

As a leader, what century are you in?

As a leader, what century are you in? We all naturally have different leadership styles as much as we all have different personality traits. Leadership  styles and resulting approaches are not as clean cut as many 21st century experts would have us believe.  In addition to this we change personal styles naturally even if we haven’t ever heard of situational leadership. Nor does a style automatically denote a century – necessarily.  No matter if it does, it’s useful to check in and check out where you are in terms of leadership.  

o  Top down targets                                ο  Collaboratively reached objectives?

 o  Clock in and out                                  o Flexibility & being trusted to get the                                                                       job done                  

o  Myriads of managers                          o  Self-management ethos (with                                                                                 structure and support built in)

o  Processes set in stone (despite          o  Flexible processes to be used by        changing environments)                         SWB (Staff with brains – which                                                                                   everyone has incidentally

 Another signal of 22nd century leadership is consciously shaping your organisation to play a part in a new and better future for the whole of humanity.  Thinking deeply about the culture, function and impact of your business on people and their environment.  And acting on those thoughts. 

True to the spirit of this article, we are not going to have you add up your score and then put you into a box. Our ethos is that people (and their organisations) can change and they rarely fit into neat boxes. Plus it’s likely, as an autonomous adult you’ll have figured out where you are at. Is it time to change? Ultimately, as a leader, it is all down to you. 

Leadership in the 22nd Century? We are getting there – and let’s support our beleaguered current century leaders first. 

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