Coaching matters – more than ever

The Coronavirus has created great uncertainty – so coaching matters – more than ever.  Because of this uncertainty we offer two coaching services.  We suggest building individual coaching into all learning programmes. This is to ensure behavioural changes are sustained back at work during these difficult times. This coaching might be provided by us, or through internal expert coaches.

So a typical fortnight looks like this. To begin with: 1. Flipped classroom learning – pre-work before attending the workshop, including self assessment; individual Q and As or brief research.  Then 2. Attend micro-learning live virtual workshop. Next is 3. Return to work and implement agreed actions. Following this is 4 Attend individual coaching session, reflecting on challenges and next actions. To get peer support next is 5. Attend Action Learning Set. Finally 6. Return to next workshop. With a lot of practical review and life injected into it to inspire and enthuse and to make learning really mean change.

The second kind of coaching  we offer is coaching to build individual resilience. This is because more than ever mindset and confidence matter. So coaching supports individuals who are reapplying for their roles; or those who are applying for different roles. Staff who are losing their jobs and re-training will  benefit from your investment in coaching.  We tailor this kind of coaching so it really has impact and takes into account the requirements of new potential roles.  This means that if successful, members of your team will hit the ground running. Further more, if a staff member’s internal application is unsuccessful they will be equipped with the skills to undertake the transition in the most effective frame of mind. So consider investing in coaching.

How we coach:

We listen, really listen, to recreate your situation without filters
Asking not telling
Asking the right questions
At the right time. That’s what we do.

What we bring

16 years of combined experience
Versatility; we’ve successfully coached in a broad range of sectors
A clear and proven coaching model
Success – see below for more

What people say:

Recommendations from clients

“working with Rachel was a joy and constant inspiration – she combines enthusiasm and energy with compassion and commitment”
“Her coaching has helped me to really focus on what I want from my professional life, how to achieve it and see my personal potential in a whole new light.”
29 skills and endorsements for coaching on Linkedin

Coaching Outcomes:

  • This coaching helped me to achieve promotion – 3 times!
  • The results were fabulous
  • “I have no hesitation in recommending Reset coaching. You will be challenged, but you will find the enthusiasm infectious and you will laugh a lot whilst learning much about yourself.”